Fear Free Methods


There are many reasons to choose Companion Animal Hospital Lake Zurich for your pet’s healthcare needs, and having Fear Free Certified Professionals on our team is one of them. By taking the Fear Free initiative, we’re demonstrating our dedication to making your pet feel relaxed and right at home in our hospital so they can receive the best treatment. Call (847) 438-3750 to learn more.


Dog on a walk with its owner

The Fear Free program helps us make our hospital a more welcoming less-stressful place for our patients. Anxiety can have adverse effects on your pet’s physical as well as emotional well-being and in some cases prevent any kind of veterinary care entirely. Our team members have taken on hours of training and coursework to learn and implement Fear Free care standards at our hospital.

These standards include:

  • Being knowledgeable of and attentive to your pet’s personality and how they react and respond to different smells, sounds, and sights here at our hospital. Understanding their temperament allows us to tailor their treatment to their specific needs and do so without causing them undue stress.
  • Keeping dogs and cats in designated dog and cat exam rooms so their scents don’t mingle.
  • Installing dog and cat pheromone diffusers and using pheromone-saturated blankets in the exam rooms to help patients feel more secure and comfortable.
  • Using treats as distractions and positive reinforcement during exams, vaccinations, nail trims, etc.
  • Playing soft, soothing music and speaking in lower voices to avoid overwhelming our patients.
  • Using less restraint when handling pets.
  • Conducting exams anywhere the patient feels comfortable, which might include on the floor, in your lap, or in their carrier with the lid removed.
  • Using no-slip mats on exam tables and floors.


Fear Free isn’t limited to our practice—we can also show you a better way to transport your pet. Download one of our helpful guides to make traveling to the vet a more positive experience for you and your companion.


To learn more about Fear Free and what it entails, visit fearfreepets.com. We also encourage you to call us at (847) 438-3750 with any questions you have about our Fear Free Certified Professionals and how we make our hospital a friendlier place for your pet.

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