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Exclusive Cat Boarding in Lake Zurich


Cats can be skittish and wary when they find themselves in an unfamiliar environment. Therefore, when you have to board your cat, you know that their boarding facility needs to be top-notch. At Companion Animal Hospital Lake Zurich, we offer a quiet, feline-only space with clean, comfortable condos and attentive staff members. Our goal is to minimize any concerns you have about boarding your cat and give them the family treatment throughout their stay.

Accommodating Your Feline Companion

We strive to offer our feline guests a peaceful, low-stress atmosphere where they have more opportunities to relax and enjoy the attention they receive from our team. Our facility provides:

  • A climate-controlled, well-ventilated space
  • Cat condos with separate areas for litterboxes for extra tidiness
  • Daily condo cleanings and bedding changes
  • Routinely-replenished fresh water and food*
  • Lots of pets and cuddles (if your cat allows)
  • Veterinarian supervision throughout the day
  • Daily brushing (if requested)

*If your cat requires special feeding times, please let us know

What to Bring from Home

Is your cat on a prescription diet? Some cats have medical conditions that need to be managed with the help of certain foods. You are more than welcome to bring your cat’s food from home, along with their medications (if they have any) and a toy or blanket that they love. Food, treats, and medications brought from home should be stored in waterproof, sealable containers and marked with their first and last name. Include careful instructions about how to give medications and anything else you think we need to know to keep your cat comfortable.


Before Your Cat Comes to Board

To keep all of our feline boarders healthy and safe at our facility, guests must be current on their vaccinations before staying with us. Your cat should be continuing their year-round parasite prevention routine and be up-to-date on their rabies and FVRCP vaccines.

If your cat is not a patient of our hospital, please provide proof that they are meeting our health requirements. For more information or to request a tour of our boarding facility, please call (847) 438-3750.

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