Companion Animal Hospital Lake Zurich

is a long-time advocate for treating pets with the kindness and respect they deserve as members of your family. We offer an environment where pets and people can relax and feel comfortable while receiving the best treatment our hospital has to offer.

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Companion Animal Hospital Lake Zurich: A Place of Comfort and Healing

Located just a stone’s throw away from beautiful Lake Zurich, Companion Animal Hospital, formerly Lake Zurich Animal Hospital, has warmly welcomed pets and their families since 1973. We believe that quality medicine, along with healing and helping your beloved pets, also benefits you. Just like any other close family member, their well-being is essential to your own.

Creating a Home-Like Atmosphere

Our values are centered around our clients and patients and providing them with an experience quite unlike the typical veterinary visit. In 1988, Companion Animal Hospital Lake Zurich was constructed. Today, it continues to reflect our dedication to increasing comfort and reducing anxiety for our patients. Some clients have even remarked that our building, both inside and out, resembles a house more than an animal hospital!

In addition to creating a cozy environment that makes pets feel welcome, we have also adopted Fear Free care methods to make veterinary care less stressful for our patients. We're delighted to offer medicine that considers not only their physical needs but their emotional needs, as well.

The staff is incredibly kind and knowledgeable.

My cat was obviously well cared for and treated properly while with them. Thank you all for helping keep my sweet girl healthy and happy!!

Animal Hospital in Lake Zurich: Dog Howling

Routine and Medical Services

Our animal hospital can provide complete care to your pet so they can enjoy a lifetime of excellent health. We take a personalized approach to our patients’ medical needs, utilizing our services to best suit their circumstances.

These services include:

Helping Your Pet Live Their Best Life

We’re available six days a week by appointment to offer counseling, care, and other services for your pet. Education is just as important as medicine, so don’t hesitate to communicate your concerns and questions to our team—we are just as invested in your pet’s health as you are! Furthermore, it brings us joy to see pets thrive and spend many happy years with their owners. Their place in your family is no less important and they deserve all the compassion and understanding we can give.

We’re Ready When You Are

If you are interested in becoming a client with Companion Animal Hospital Lake Zurich, get to know our veterinary team and learn more about our services. You can also complete our New Client Form and request an appointment when you’re ready. We can’t wait to meet you and be a reliable, trusted partner in your pet’s medical care.

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