IHC Policy Consent Form

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As there is a significant amount of preparation work and time devoted to international health certificate appointments this form is required to be completed prior to any IHC appointment scheduling to ensure your understanding and agreement of our policies.

If you are traveling with multiple pets, only one consent form is required.

Client Information

I understand the USDA has issued the following statement (Companion Lake Zurich is able to monitor the status within the USDA system but direct status updates from the USDA are not available):

In-person endorsement services are not available at this time.

Our offices are closed for all federal holidays listed on the Office of Personnel Management’s webpage.

We are working to endorse health certificates received by shipping and VEHCS as quickly as possible. As always, errors or problems with your submission will result in a delay in endoresement. We will contact the owner/exporter and/or the USDA Accredited Veterinarian promptly if problems are found with the submission. If you are shipping a health certificate to or from our office, we recommend you use overnight delivery services with Saturday delivery.

We regret time does not permit us to reply to requests for confirmation of delivery or status reports on your health certificate since we must remain focused on endorsement of health certificates to get them back to you as quickly as possible. For shipped packages, use your package’s tracking information to confirm delivery and that your endorsed health certificate is en route back to you. For VEHCS packages, the accredited veterinarian can monitor the status of the submission within the system.

I understand a signed, valid rabies certificate is required to be on file prior to scheduling the health exam.
A signed, valid rabies certificate includes the following:

  • Dr.’s signature and license number
  • Date of vaccination and when vaccine is next due
  • Vaccine product expiration date
  • Vaccine manufacturer and product name
  • Vaccine batch number
  • Pet’s name, age, breed, and color
  • Certificate must be in English or with full English translation
  • If a microchip is listed as a requirement for the country of travel, the microchip must be listed on the rabies certificate.
If you are working with a pet shipping company – I understand the following:*

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After completing this consent form, you are able to give the clinic a call for scheduling.

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